” Love more than you did yesterday “

“In relationship,we become tolerant to amount of attention or love we are receiving and want more love to feel it but person on the other side of relationship unaware of it do not increase amount of love and we feel like he or she don’t care about us anymore.”


To the one i love

You have to feel totally comfortable with me.

Don’t let this thought cross your mind,”what should i say so that you will like me” or “you will not think i am a weird “

No,then we are not loving each other.I want to see bad sides of you.I want to see mistakes made by you.

“What I want from you is love not perfectness.”


What is Love ?

” Love is like a fingerprint .

It is universal for a couple . it is form by two different type of couple who are themselves unique.

The difference between love and fingerprint is that fingerprint is form by one person while love is combination of two unique people to make a new unique.”